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2D Puzzle Game

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In this 2D Puzzle Game Sidescroller the player explores an abstract lifeless world and helps it via interesting game mechanics to a new life.

Countless riddles and obstacles must be resolved and overcome with which the players ability to change shape and color helps. This change allows to interact with elements of the game world.

This game which was developed in the Unity Engine shows complex game mechanics and interesting game design. Complex riddles are based on traditional and digital prototyping.

This 2D Sidescroller, which was allowed to have a maximum of 4 times 1920×1080 pixels in length was developed in 2014 and created by 3 people turned Game Design, Level Design and Art into a successfull video game.

  • Game Design of the game mechanics

  • Puzzle Design

  • Level Design and implementation

  • Game Development in Unity

  • Implementation of sound and animations

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