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3D Arcade Game

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In this 3D arcade game a colorful world invites to be explored. Players have to climb to the top of a platform. In every level new color worlds, visual effects and beats await the player.

This arcady game was developed with the Unreal Engine using only 4 assets. It was aimed to create a immersive game via a special audiovisual atmosphere. Easy to learn – hard to master: the difficulty significantly rises every 8 levels: new movement patterns as well as increasing speed of vanishing ground fragments.

This game was created within 18 weeks in 2014 by 5 people.

  • Conception and ideation of the game idea

  • Game System Design

  • Level Design (movement pattern)

  • Implementation of the level design

  • User interface concept & design

  • Visual research

  • Prototyping, testing & balancing

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