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Agent Based Game

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In this agent based mobile game a group of minions must be accompanied though several levels in order to protect them from harm.

For the development of complex levels and mechanics several traditional prototypes have been created and tested before they were implemented into the digital game. While developing the game a major focus was the optimization for mobile devices.

This performance optimized game with hand painted textures has been developed in the Unity Engine. The 3D models have been created with as few polygons as possible and the materials and shaders have been adjusted for mobile devices. The basics of agent’s pathfinding can be found in Unitys navigation & pathfinding elements.

The project which 4 people worked on was finished in 2016 within 15 weeks.

  • Ideation: Exploration of Game Design ideas

  • Decision on level design

  • Conception of agent types

  • Conception of enemy types and traps

  • Conception of intelligent agent behavior

  • Development and optimization for mobile devices

  • Implementation of a priority system for agents

  • Implementation of game mechanics, enemies and traps

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