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Level Design

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We already designed numerous levels and puzzles for 2D and 3D applications in order to plan ingame player interactions.

One of the level design concepts for a 3D adventure game is about a world which existed in the underground. A catastrophe forced the people to seek shelter in a complex system of caves. The requirements of the level was that is creates meaningful interaction and contains details which fit the setting (West Virginia, 1979). Also the concept had to include the following points:

  • How does the world under the surfaces look like (arrangement, composition of the cave system)?
  • Where can they find shelter or protect themselves from intruders?
  • What traps can stop the intruders?
  • How do the inhibitants communicate hidden traps?
  • How do people live in the underground?

Aside from concept illustrations of the cave system traditional prototypes for the level design were created. With the help of it the composition of the level – the small city in rough and the cave system in detail – was implemented.

  • Conception of a level design

  • Development of an environment design which fits the setting

  • Put ourselves in the position of the inhibitants in order to create meaningful mechanics

  • Development of a world map, level structures and mechanics

Puzzle Design & Level Design

Other examples of draft levels as well as puzzles are to be found in the following galleries. If interested in more details please follow a button to a specific project.

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