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Architectural Visualization Messe Berlin

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Walk through hub27, as if it is officially opened in April 2019?

Possible due to the Virtual Reality application that we built for the Messe Berlin to show the event and multifunctional hall!

The realistic architectural visualization is fully implemented as 3D environment. Therefore interested people and customers are now able to walk both interactively and freely through the whole building in the VR showroom of Messe Berlin using the HTC Vive Pro. The applications is also usable for everybody as web version. Besides the 10.000 square meters event hall, numerous meeting and conference rooms showing alternative seating types can be viewed to get a feeling of the possibilities of the new building hub27. With interfaces, controllers or with mouse and the elevator all floors of hub27 are explorable.

The whole building is accessible in real-time. Users meet employees of Messe Berlin – as hologram in the Vive version or in info terminals in the web version – who give information about the current floor and its highlights.

This application supports customers as well as employees of Messe Berlin by visualizing and organizing events in the hub27. Now they can plan everything like in real with floor plans as supporting tool, but not as main organization tool.

Are you curious? Take a look at how the new hub27 will bring MORE BERLIN:

  • Conception of the Virtual Reality application

  • 3D-Modelling of all components

  • UX & UI Design

  • Implementation and web optimization

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