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Interactively experience exhibition contents in museums via gamification concepts, beacons and an application for mobile devices.

The aim of the application is gamified experiencing of exhibitions. The quiz-like application actively reacts to visitors with a bluetooth capable device as soon as they are within reach of a transmitter. These bluetooth transmitter, so called beacons, are attached to your exhibits. While exploring the exhibition visitors enter new areas and unlock achievements and new tasks which they can solve by getting to know the exhibition contents.

The main focus of the prototype was to add a gamified character to the exhibition as well as to develop a cost saving application which avoid restructuring. Because visitors can use their own smartphones there is no need to lend or give out devices. The application offers a new experience of getting to know contents while giving the institution feedback about the user behavior.

Beacons not only bring advantages to museums but are also useful in shops, for events and other institutions.

The project was achieved within 10 weeks.

  • Dealing with the topic of the exhibition

  • User centered design via target audience analysis

  • Conception of the application

  • Testing and balancing beacon functions

  • Deriving a gamification concept

  • Implementation of the concept in the Unity Engine

  • Development of different application prototypes

  • Integration of the beacon functions in the app

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