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The goal of this mobile brand game is to support a brand to communicate their contents and acquire new customers.

While solving riddles the player learns more about animal and nature conservation. The player has to protect animals from hunters and guide them to a safe spot. As a reward more information about the animal and how to support animal conservation is being displayed. The minimalistic design of the application communicates serious messages and contents in a playful way.

Brands and companies can improve their reach on the market, improve their image or initiate learning processes through distinct game applications and apps with the help of gamification.

Furthermore such applications can be used to build teams or to rise motivation to improve daily working experience.

This project was developed by 3 people in 2015 within 3 weeks.

  • Game Design of game mechanics

  • Traditional prototyping

  • Design of over 10 levels

  • Implementation of mechanics and levels

  • Development with the Unity Engine

  • Created als Desktop & Mobile Game

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