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Normally large amounts of data are – in it’s usual way of representation, for example as a value in a table – hard to grasp and coherences are often not fully to comprehend. Therefore working with complex data is inefficient and tedious. Interactive Virtual Reality Data Visualization however intuitively helps to understand.

With the help of Virtual Reality multiple dimensions can be used to allow the viewer to see data three-dimensional, to interact with them, to see them from different angles, to evaluate them and bring them in coherence. Different sets of Data can be connected allowing to immediately see relations.

In the course of this project ways to visualize information in a three-dimensional space have been researched. With the help of the Unity Engine and HTC Vive two different visualizations have been developed. Via input devices which recognize hand motion the user interacts with data.

This project has been finished withing 10 weeks.

  • Concept for data visualization

  • Development of the intuitive interactive design

  • Implementation of the data visualization in VR

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